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About Me

My Journey begins when I was a toddler, back in Hugary. You remember the old, noise washing machines, that didn't have programming? yes, it was back then, when the dinosaurs existed.  It was so loud, but had such a good tempo, that I started dancing to it, even tho I couldn't walk just yet. I grew up on a farm, so the only music we had was the sounds of nature, but I loved music. When I could channel a station on the radio,

I recorded the songs on a cassette, so I can sing and dance to them. Crazy times! Now i complain about the adverts on youtube, but 10 years ago I had casettes....

Doesn't matter how little event it was, I was always there, dancing. but I didn't have much opportunity growing up in a village. I applied to get into a dance school, when I could choose my high school, but I got rejected, because I wasn't flexible enough.  

I really started educating myself About 3 years ago. I started dancing Salsa In Bournemouth, Couple of months later I countinued with Sensual Bachata. I never thought anything else of it. I taught a couple of classes here and there. Later on, when the first lockdown began I started teaching via zoom after the encouragement of a good friend. Ever since I helped many women gain there confidence through dancing, got my Zumba qualification and here I am today.

Looking forward to you joining me on the rest of my journey. xxx

Kira Peres Instructor

Outdoors classes are back! It's time to break free!





Why should you join me on zoom?

Using Sony camera for ZOOM live classes for the best visual quality

Best online class sound quality using external microphone

Fun guaranteed

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Yoga Instructor

I have no dance background and never thought it would be something I could do, but Kira made this possible. Kira is very talented and beyond that she is a very supportive, fun and uplifting teacher, I feel such confidence in her presence. It feels super sexy to move your body in this way and is so liberating. I have been dancing with Kira for over 6 months and I would highly recommend any of her classes and 1:1 coaching. It’s massively helped me progress having 1:1 coaching . Thank you Kira. I love your energy and all that you do for us!


Mental health nurse

For a shy and nervous person like me, the decision to start lerning sensual Bachata seemed so scary and almost impossible. However, my classes with Kira forced me out of my comfort zone and transformed me from a girl with two left feet into someone having too much fun to care how she looked while body rolled and twirld across the dance floor. Kira and her Bachata classes gave me so much enjoyment that I will treasure forever. 


Account Director

I had private Bachata classes with Kira for a few months before she sadly moved to Portsmouth! In that time my Bachata improved from absolute beginner to intermediate level and invites for social dances came flying. She was focused and determined to improve my dancing and timing of classes was always flexible. Thoroughly Recommend!


Full time Mum

I enjoy Kira's fun Bachata classes so much, she is such a talented dancer and you can tell that she does it for her love of dancing above anything else! I danced for most of my childhood and was itching to find a decent class that tested me to get back into it. Kira teaches in a style that makes you feel at ease and not self conscious, my first class was a few months after having my first baby so I needed to gain some body confidence again.. This means you can really let go and feel the good vibes! 

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Kira Peres