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My Journey begins when I was a toddler, back in Hugary. You remember the old, noise washing machines, that didn't have programming? yes, it was back then, when the dinosaurs existed.  It was so loud, but had such a good tempo, that I started dancing to it, even tho I couldn't walk just yet. I grew up on a farm, so the only music we had was the sounds of nature, but I loved music. When I could channel a station on the radio,

I recorded the songs on a cassette, so I can sing and dance to them. Crazy times! Now i complain about the adverts on youtube, but 10 years ago I had casettes....

Doesn't matter how little event it was, I was always there, dancing. but I didn't have much opportunity growing up in a village. I applied to get into a dance school, when I could choose my high school, but I got rejected, because I wasn't flexible enough.  

I really started educating myself About 3 years ago. I started dancing Salsa In Bournemouth, Couple of months later I countinued with Sensual Bachata. I never thought anything else of it. I taught a couple of classes here and there. Later on, when the first lockdown began I started teaching via zoom after the encouragement of a good friend. Ever since I helped many women gain there confidence through dancing, got my Zumba qualification and here I am today.

Looking forward to you joining me on the rest of my journey. xxx

Kira Peres Instructor

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